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Independent Eyewear Pop-Up Shop

There is a revolution happening in the optical world. You may have noticed more independent eyewear brands popping in Independent optical shops. You may have also noticed that many of these brands offer high-quality eyewear that is often more affordable than eyewear available at big name optical chains.

Premier Vision is excited to have the complete collections from two of our favorite independent eyewear lines at our Mequon and Fox Point locations! From Monday, November 26 to Saturday, December 1st we welcome l.a. Eyeworks to our Mequon office and Res/Rei Eyewear to our Fox Point office.  Stop in and be part of the Independent Eyewear Revolution.


l.a.Eyeworks began on September 9, 1979 when Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi opened a single storefront on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The original whim for this adventure? To challenge the prevailing norms of eyewear with proposals for a new, provocative revelation of the face. More than three decades and hundreds of frame designs later, l.a.Eyeworks remains a privately owned house of optical imagination, encompassing two namesake retail stores in Los Angeles and a wholesale company that channels its influential designs to a global network of independent opticians and retailers.

In the pursuit of a name for our frames, we looked for something that symbolized our Italian heritage. We went back in time to the language of ancient Rome and its empire: Latin. RES REI means ‘the thing’ in Latin. It means an existing object, with substance and form; but it also means a concept, an idea.
 RES/REI is the ensemble of things that make life around us, in all given forms.