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Eye Care


Your eyes are not only your windows to the world — they shine a light on your overall health. At Premier Vision, our optometrists work with your primary care physician to frame a holistic picture of your health. With our entire optical staff dedicated to your care, you’re combining substance and style when you pick your glasses or contacts.

Not Just
A Vision

You see letters on a vision chart – but eye exams can reveal so much more. From diagnosing and treating common ocular issues to serving as early detection for serious health conditions, eye exams are an essential part of your primary care regimen.


With special equipment for use on children as young as six months old, we’re focused on making sure your child’s quality of life isn’t hindered by vision issues.

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Equals Better

Your eyes are complex organs relaying millions of signals to your brain each day. So rather than leave their health and effectiveness up to simple tests, we’ve invested in some of the best diagnostic technology in optometry.

Optomap® retinal exam

A fast and painless imaging process, Optomap takes a 220-degree ultra-wide view of your retina. Optomap allows us to see 65% more of your eye than with a standard retinal photo, resulting in earlier detection of ocular diseases and other major health conditions.

Visual field testing

An extension of the standard eye exam, a visual field test allows us to monitor your peripheral vision on both horizontal and vertical axes. These tests can also reveal potential blind spots (scotomas) in your vision and help us assess the severity of diseases like glaucoma.


TearLab tests the osmolarity (saltiness) of your tears to effectively diagnose dry eye disease and help improve overall eye health. After a dry eye diagnosis, we’ll find the best treatment to ensure comfortable vision for you.

Optical coherence tomography

A non-invasive imaging test, optical coherence tomography (OCT) uses light waves to photograph and measure the layers of the retina. An OCT test can help diagnose and guide treatment for retinal and optic nerve diseases, including macular degeneration and glaucoma.


With more than 3,200 points of difference that can be calculated for your eyes, no two prescription lenses or contacts are alike. We’ll use each point as a basis to take your vision beyond a basic improvement and craft a real solution that’s customized to your lifestyle.


Anyone can guarantee your glasses will be ready in hour — but we won’t. Framing perfection takes time. Be assured that we’ll find the precise combination of lens designs and coatings, and lens and frame materials to deliver the perfect pair to you, right on time.


The way we see it, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your contact lenses. That’s why we offer options for any situation, including standard spherical fit, multifocal contact lenses and more. Whatever your prescription calls for, we have the answer.